The Desca:Presto Portable Music Stand

Desca:Presto Portable Music Stand - Base and LegsThe Desca:Presto portable music stand is assembled in and shipped from our shop in Dolores, Colorado, from parts made in Arizona, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Most of the injection molded parts are ABS plastic, with the exception of the Base Hub, which is made from glass-filled nylon.

The three legs are solid steel, which puts weight at the bottom of the folding music stand when assembled, where it needs to be for stability.

Desca:Presto Portable Music Stand - Pinch SpringThe telescope tubes are fabricated in a process called pultrusion wherein glass fibers are pulled through a die and coated with resin in a continuous process. When cut to length, the tubes are amazingly rigid and lightweight, contributing to the functionality of this collapsible folding music stand.

The pinch springs, used for adjusting the height of the stand, are simple and quick to operate.

Desca:Presto Portable Music Stand - Pivot BoltThe desk of the music stand can be tilted to any angle, and the resistance to changing the tilt can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the pivot bolt with a pair of 7/16” sockets. Another design detail that may not be available on any other fold-up music stand is its stackability. When the music stand is stowed, there are small “bumps” and mating “divots” on the outside that allow the stands to be stacked and not slide around.

Desca:Presto Portable Music Stand - Bumps and Divots

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The Desca:Presto is the most feature-complete portable music stand available.